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Fantasy Heros 2 for Windows

A free program for Windows, by ChixiaoStudio.

Fantasy Heros 2 is a free program for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Strategy'. View full description

Fantasy Heros 2 is a free program for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Strategy'.

About Fantasy Heros 2 for Windows

This app has been published on Softonic on August 2th, 2018 and we have not had the opportunity to try it yet.

We encourage you to try it and leave us a comment or value it on our website. Our user community will really appreciate it!

Fantasy Heros 2 is available for Windows 10 and above. The current version of the app varies with device, and you can run it only in English.

== Game background ==

The story is released in the Titan boundary of a world of five different planes. The god of the Titans transforms his last glimpse into a star-shaped orb, placed in the heart of the Titanic world, the island of Clavi in ​​the world. Thus forming a huge energy enchantment to protect the Titan boundary. Suddenly one day, the astral treasures were destroyed, and the eclipse between the five worlds was infinitely pulled, torn, overlapped, and lost the original order and peace.
As the whole time and space become chaotic and the ecstasy is about to collapse, how will you, as a Scago, summon the legendary heroes from all over the world to defeat the Chaos Devil, find the broken Stars and save the five worlds?

== Game Features ==

[Heroic versatile fit will kill]
Hundreds of heroes from different world battle value burst tables are arbitrarily matched, and the heroic fate of the heroes is activated to release the combination of blood and blood.

[Reinforcement system Battlefield real-time support]
The official squad and the substitute team are in battle, super lineup, easy to kill! Different hero positioning, rich strategy choices, more powerful hero skills to help you stand out from the competition!

[Equipment Enhancement
God-made to build, the heroic power is under your control! Holy blessing, enhance the heroic attributes! More protagonist dual operating system, activate the corresponding equipment skills in different battles can greatly enhance the heroic combat power.

[Real-time interaction challenge cross-service players]
The arena, the real-time team copy, the tower of the gods, the PK in the wild, and other MMOs are rich in content and intense, and the fire of the battle has been ignited to compete with the cross-service players!

[Multiple tasks, winning the strongest benefits]
Easily access massive gold coins, diamonds, treasure chests and other rare items through rich summonings such as ordinary summoning, aristocratic summoning, ordinary/elite copy victory, trials, and field battles! Set a small goal every day, no longer worry about not rewarding!

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